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Our Ministries

Some information about how we are trying to reach this city

Street Preaching and Gospel Tract Distribution

Every Saturday, members of our church go to the Korenmarkt, one of the centers here in Gent. There we give out about 600 to 1,000 gospel tracts every week. We also make ourselves available to answer questions, share the gospel, and try to help people. You can find us here most every week between 14:00 and 16:00. At least once per month, we also bring our large cross with us and stand it in the center to help point others to Christ. On these Saturdays our pastor preaches a message here in the Korenmarkt.

Door Knocking/Visitation Ministries

Most every other day of the week, some of us from our church, following the commands of Christ, take time to go from house to house as we attempt to share the gospel and invite people to our church. We take the great commission to be a serious command, given to the church as a whole. While this practice may not be liked by most, it is most certainly biblical and effective in growing a church. We are firm believers that one sows and one waters, but God gives the increase; therefore we must take time to give the gospel to every creature. Typically on Mondays we have a group who meets in Deinze to share the gospel there, and then on other days we meet in Ghent, in different neighborhoods.

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