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About Gent Baptist Church


Gent Baptist Church is an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church. Meaning we do not belong to any larger organization or convention, but are uniquely governed by the people of our church, under the leadership of our pastor, and with the Bible as our sole guiding authority. We believe the Bible, and more specifically the King James Bible, to be the perfect Word of God. Therefore the Bible must be  the authority in all matters of life and faith.

 We Believe also that a church should function as a family. Therefore we strive our best to create a warm and welcoming environment for everyone that walks into our church. One way we do this is through promoting fellowship among the people, both before and after service. Before and after each service there is always a variety of coffee, drinks, and snacks available; as people are invited to spend time getting to know one another and encourage one another. 

We also believe strongly in God honoring, Christ centered, Holy Spirit filled worship, as a family. Music sets the atmosphere for a service the same as it does in every part of life. It is for this cause that we do not allow for worldly music in our church but instead seek to use music that is spiritual and will help promote worship. As a congregation we sing hymns and for our specials we sing spiritual songs. The preaching is always from the Bible and never the opinions of our pastor. 

We hope that you and your family will feel welcomed to come and worship with our family,

here at Gent Baptist Church


As Noted by the name Baptist we do also believe and adhere to the fundamentally Baptist doctrines as laid out in our slideshow below:


We Accept the Bible as the sole authority in all matters of life, doctrine, and faith. We do not look to the opinions and traditions of men, but trust wholly on the inspired Word of God. 

Bible as the soul authority.

Text Form:

Bible as the soul authority.

Autonomy, or independence, of the local church.

Priesthood of every believer.

Two church offices: Pastor and Deacon.

Individual soul liberty and responsibility.

Salvation and Baptism required for church membership.

Two church ordinances: Baptism and Communion.

Separation of Church and State

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