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Junior, Lory, Josiah, Emily, and Hannah Haley

Our Pastor's Wife

Sister Lory Haley's Testimony

I was born January 31st, 1991 in Onesti, Romania

and grew up in an Orthodox family. At about age

6 my grandmother passed away and I became

concerned with what would happen to me when

I died and where I would spend eternity. For

three years I struggled with this and prayed

often for God to show me how to get to Heaven.

At age 9 God sent the Morgan family as

missionaries to Romania and not only to Romania

but to be my neighbors. The Morgans having a large family of seven children, just like my family, were able to quickly befriend them and one by one they came to church and also to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. On April 22nd, 2000 as I was just a young girl I heard an Easter message with a clear presentation of the Gospel and there I trusted Christ as my savior. At eighteen in a teen camp I gave my heart to be a missionary, wherever God would lead me. From that time until now I have done my best to serve Him and find His will.

Our Pastor

Some information about Pastor Junior Haley and his Family

Pastor Junior Haley's Testimony

I was born July 06th, 1988 and have been preaching since October of 2002. I did not come from a Christian home, I came from a family filled with any wicked sin you could imagine. One day at eleven and a half years old, on January 02, 2000, I went to church where I heard the gospel preached for the first time in my life. It was there God dealt with me and as a young boy I gave my heart to Him. From there it wasn’t long before God called me to preach and for two years I fought that calling. Praise the Lord, eventually, a preacher explained to me Acts chapter nine and what it meant to kick against the pricks, I realized I was fighting against the Lord. It was then I understood the need to follow God’s calling and surrendered to the call to preach. Most of my time in the ministry was spent as an evangelist in the United States. God moved my heart to come to Belgium as a missionary in February of 2015, after a trip here to meet a group of believers that I had been preaching to through Skype. The woman that I would eventually marry, was one of those believers. We met for the first time , face to face, here in the country of Belgium and were married about a year and a half later. We lived in the United States for almost a year after our marriage, as I continued to preach there and raise support as a missionary to Belgium. Our family moved here on April 04th, 2017 and started the Gent Baptist Church on June 25th, 2017. Our first son, Josiah Patrick Haley, was born here in Gent on September 09th, of the same year. Our first daughter, Emily Elisabeth Haley was born March 12th, of 2019. Our second daughter, Hannah Maria Haley was born July 12th, of 2020. Our third daughter, Victoria Johanna Haley was born May 11th, of 2023.

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