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Our Services

Some information about what to expect from each service

Sunday Morning

Worship Service

Our most convenient service for families, especially those with small children.

Sunday Midday
Worship Service

An English only service, with an added focus on prayer and preaching God's Word.

Wednesday Prayer

 Service/Bible Study

This service is half praying for one another and half verse by verse study of the Bible.

Various Online
Bible Studies

These are special livestream services conducted through YouTube and Facebook.

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Sunday Morning Worship Service - 11:00

Our Sunday morning service is usually our largest in attendance, and also the most convenient for families with children. This is in part because we offer a children's church during the service, where children under 12  can be taught a lesson designed for them. We open this service with congregational singing and prayer. After this singing the children are dismissed to the children's church, for their lesson and a snack. We then will sing several songs as a congregation, while delivering announcements and other useful information between. Usually as one final preparation before the preaching, someone or a group from the church will come and sing a special song or two. A message is then delivered by our pastor from the Word of God. After this service it is quite common to have many stay for the next service, or stay until the next service spending time in fellowship with one another and enjoying a simple lunch. However, their is not obligation for someone to stay.

Sunday Midday Worship Service - 14:00

This service is an English only service, and is the only services where translation is not provided. This service however, is not an "English" version of the morning service. Our Sunday middy service obviously features an entirely different set of songs and message than that of the morning service. There is also a greater emphasis placed on prayer in this service, as we read our full prayer list and take a time to pray at the alter or in our seats, as a congregation. Occasionally we will have a more music emphasized service, where the congregation is allowed to chose the hymns we sing; as we go through the service. Like our Sunday morning service, every Sunday midday service concludes with a sermon from God's Word, delivered by our pastor. There is no children's church on Sunday afternoon, the children stay with the congregation for the preaching. Because of this we give a time for the children to come forward and quotes scripture verses or sing songs they have learned.

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Wednesday Evening Bible Study - 19:00

Our Wednesday Evening service is focused primarily on prayer and study of the Bible. We open with a prayer time, that last until 19:45, where we take turns praying for individual prayer requests. This service is intentionally kept to a strict time, to make the service more convenient for those who will need to be up early the next morning; After the prayer time, we sing a couple hymns, and then devote the rest of our time to an ex-positional study of a certain book of the Bible. During this time, we study our way through a particular book of the Bible, examining it passage by passage. If you want to learn the Bible verse by verse, this is the service for you. The message can potentially be translated, but is only done when necessary. For anyone with a difficulty in concentration or a need for a more linear study; this is usually the best service for you. You are also welcome to join us before the service at 18:00, where we provide a meal for anyone who wants to join us. 

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Saturday Livestream Services - 19:00

These services are conducted entirely online, and are live streamed through our church's Facebook page, 

YouTube channel, and Twitch. These are our most unique studies as: the first Saturday of each month, we do a live QnA (question and answer) service; the second Saturday, we have the Great Bible Challenge; the fourth Saturday, we do Unique Insights in Bible Prophecy; and when there is a fifth Saturday, we do Pastors React!  


For the Live QnA, our pastor is accompanied by two other preachers, to answer some of the most asked questions in the Bible. Every week boasts a different group of preachers, from around the world. Each preacher answers one of two connected questions, with a ten minute lesson on the subject. After the lesson is given to introduce the subject, we have a round table discussion of the question, wherein each preacher presents their biblical understanding of the subject. During this service we also do our best to answer your questions given in the comments, and introduce them into our discussion. 

For the Great Bible Challenge, three preachers from around the world compete to answer questions about the Bible. We use this competitive format to teach the Bible and highlight often overlooked parts of scripture. Each month a new group of preachers compete, for a right to compete for the championship at the end of the year. They are joined by a guest judge, as our pastor moderates, and occasionally joins in on the challenge.

For Unique Insights in Bible Prophecy, Pastor Haley or a guest preacher, ask a question about Bible Prophecy; and then seek to answer the question using the Bible. They bring you along for the journey, by laying out their evidences for you; and then looking to you as the listener, to grade their argument using the following scale: sound doctrine, almost persuaded, unsure, and unconvinced.  

For Pastors React!, our pastor and at least one guest pastor look at current events to give their honest reactions to them, and discuss the matters from a biblical perspective.

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