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Our Online Ministries

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The Great Bible

A monthly competition, between pastors around the world, to answers questions about the Bible.

Let Scripture Speak

A blog written by our Pastor, to discuss various issues, using the Bible as our sole authority in all matters.


Live QnA Services

Our regular Saturday livestream, wherein our pastor, and guest preachers, from around the world; try to answer your questions, about the Bible. 

Unique INSIGHTS in BIBLE Prophecy

A monthly study in prophecy, that ask questions about prophecy, and uses the Bible to answer them. 


Tuesday Livestream  
             Bible Study

A weekly Bible study, provided by our pastor; currently we are studying the concept of wisdom in the Bible.

 Bible Study with
  Dr. Billy Martin

A monthly livestream verse by verse Bible study, with evangelist Dr. Billy Martin.


Zoom Bible Study

One Tuesday each month, or so, we are joined by a guest preacher, who brings us a lesson, from God's Word; and then we discuss the subject as a group.

MWBM Online Radio

An online radio station, making Christian music, and preaching always available. Listen online or download the app, from our partners in ministry MWBM.


Pastors React!

A new project, to see how pastors react to current events, from the various corners of Christendom.

Coming Soon

   Wisdom for
         the World

Coming soon! A daily devotional, intend to give encouragement for each day; while also teaching the book of Proverbs, verse by verse.

Coming Soon
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